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I am an experienced interim manager and strategic advisor who naturally pairs strategy with execution, thinks on her feet and listens closely to all parties to ensure broadly supported outcomes. A connector who achieves tangible results through an informal but clearly articulated approach and a relationship builder with deep cultural knowledge of and extensive business networks in Europe and Africa.

I earned my stripes in a wide range of organizations and in the fields of economic development, business administration, and strategy. My leadership is characterized by an unwavering vision of the results to be achieved, trust, clear expectations, and the ability to mobilize both individual and collective energy. People I have worked with recall my humor, energy, drive, steadfastness and my ability to mobilize and inspire others, even under pressure, and especially when conflicts of interests exist. 

I am curious, ambitious, and driven to create positive impact. Love deadlines! Autonomy and trust motivate me, and I am allergic to mediocrity and injustice. What others consider an insurmountable problem, I call an interesting challenge.

Interim & project management

Getting from A to B. Reaching the goal without losing sight of the culture of the organisation or the people. Great at starting things from scratch. Not good at "minding the store".

Strategy consulting

Very experienced strategy consultant who also excels at execution. Served as an advisor to government and consulted in various industries, including healthcare. Getting people on board? Check. Political sensitivity? Of course. Concise and to the point? Yes.

C-level ghostwriting

I write the texts that increase your visibility, build credibility and help establish you as a thought leader. In other words: the texts that get you noticed. Recent client feedback: "Your writing is magical!"



Need help developing a vision or need someone to interpret your vision into an operational action plan? That would be me. I switch easily between the different levels and make sure I keep others committed and engaged in the process.

New opportunities and possibilities excite me, but only if they lead to concrete results. Curious, ambitious and driven. Can handle time pressure. Deadlines? Yes, please!

Very good at determining what the actual problem is, what it takes to solve it, and proposing solutions that actually work. I love unravelling complex issues and reducing them to a concise number of core concepts.

Renowned for my clear communication, both written and verbal. In political environments, with boards of directors or management teams. But also at the operational level of teams and employees.

I enjoy having variety in my work and like being able to take advantage of opportunities as they present themselves. Things not working as we thought? Then we’ll try it the other way around. Reverse an entire strategy because progressive insight demands it? No problem, at the end of the day, it’s about finding and executing the solution that produces the best results. Also me: flexible working hours.

 My approach is characterised by a focus on “working together” and keeping people “on board” without compromising interests. I strongly believe in clusters of peers rather than traditional hierarchies. Incidentally, I won’t fail to point out deliberate obstruction of progress.

Clients that I have worked for include:

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