Who is Tonia Dabwe?

You don’t often meet someone who achieves good results both in government and in business, who runs a successful NGO in Africa and who works with companies in Africa, Europe and the US. Being successful in such varying settings requires an ability to quickly grasp what’s really going on, to work well with people from very different backgrounds and to achieve great results no matter the setting.

I get to heart of things very quickly and am focused on delivering results without losing touch with the people involved. Critical thinker who is very good at motivating people & keeping them engaged, coming up with creative solutions and managing multiple projects at the same time.

Daughter of a Dutch mother and Liberian father. Completed secondary school in Liberia, studied French at the university in Ivory Coast, and got my Masters degrees in Business Economics and Business Administration in the Netherlands & Spain. I live in the Netherlands, though I usually spend a month or more per year abroad. Go-getter, likes to travel, has a large international network and is enthusiastic about entrepreneurship. Likes challenges & deadlines, salsa dancing, classical ballet, hiking, museums, sailing and photography. Difficult to pigeonhole.

Allergic to mediocrity, risk-averse behavior, lack of innovation and “This is just how we always do things around here.” (Cool, but then I’m definitely not the right person for the job).

Consulting, interim and project management, for healthcare, business and government clients in Europe and the US.

Vocational education & social enterprises in Liberia, with a special focus on women. Also: affordable private primary education.

Online coaching and consulting for SMEs in Africa. Specialied in improving profitability, business management skills & funding.



    • Making entrepreneurship training work, The Broker Online, 2014
      Micro, small and medium-sized enterprises cannot grow without an integrated and practical approach that improves the business environment and provides quality education and training. More importantly, support to these businesses should be tailored to their specific needs. In this article, I explain how Mineke Foundation’s vocational education and entrepreneurship training work in Liberia.

    • Liberia: land of boundless opportunities?, Classis Capital Magazine, Italy, 2013
      In 2000, the Economist called Africa “the hopeless continent.” In 2011, the newspaper published an apology. Under the heading “Africa Rising,” the Economist talked about developments that would make this once “hopeless” continent a holy grail for investors. This article takes a look at investment opportunities in Africa’s oldest republic: Liberia. Written for investors and SMEs in Milan, Italy in response to an invitation to give a presentation on the subject.

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